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Discover the Beauty of Phu Chi Fa: A Hidden Gem in Chiang Rai

Nestled in the hills of , offers a truly breathtaking experience for visitors. During the winter months, the cliff top is especially popular as visitors flock to catch a glimpse of the spectacular sunrise over the valley and sea of mist.

But Phu Chi Fa isn’t just a winter destination. The location is blessed with stunning views, vibrant flowers and cool weather throughout the year. Located just 25 kilometres south of Doi Pha Tang in Thoeng District, it’s the perfect day trip from Chiang Rai.

For those wanting to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Phu Chi Fa, overnight stays are available at the local villages of Ban Rom Fa Thong and Ban Rom Fa Thai.

Experience the best of Phu Chi Fa by visiting during the opening hours of daily 5am-6pm. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness one of Thailand’s hidden gems.

Credit : TourismThailand

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