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Exploring the Nightlife of Chiang Mai: Temples, Traditional Dinners and Delicious Desserts

When the darkness falls, Chiang Mai transforms into a different city. The hustle and bustle of the day fades away and the city is cooled by the evening breeze. It’s the perfect time to explore the ancient temples that the city is known for.

In the old quarter, Wat Phra Sing and Wat Chedi Luang are illuminated, allowing their sacred architecture to glow against the dark blue sky. These temples take on a different character at night and are a must-see for any visitor. Wat Umong, known for its tunnels under the temple complex, is particularly magical during twilight. If you venture a little further to the adjacent , you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view of Chiang Mai at night with fewer tourists.

As the night progresses, Chiang Mai’s food scene comes to life. There are plenty of local cuisines to choose from, but a traditional northern-style dinner or Khan Toke may be a more impressive option. The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center offers a culturally rich Khan Toke dinner with traditional dances and performances.

After dinner, it’s time for dessert. Chang Moi Road leads to Kad Luang or Warorot Market, where you’ll find a wide selection of sweet treats. Ua Chang Seng offers the best Kanom Khai and a wide selection of Hopia. Sundae Ice Cream in Ton Lam Yai Market offers Ruammit – chilled sweet coconut milk and tapioca noodles with jackfruit and tiny boba. At Kad Luang, a stall under the stairs provides a great selection of traditional Thai desserts with a premium deliciousness.

Getting there by private van is easy and convenient. A private van service offers door-to-door service, and you can choose your pick-up and drop-off location. You can also customize your itinerary and make stops along the way. This is a great option for those who want to explore Chiang Mai at their own pace and avoid the hassle of public transportation.

Exploring Chiang Mai at night offers a different perspective on the city, and it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. From the ancient temples to the delicious food, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With the added convenience of a private van, you can make the most of your night out in Chiang Mai.

Credit : TourismThailand

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