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The Giant Swing: A Timeless Symbol of Bangkok

The area, at the heart of since the Rattanakosin era, boasts a towering red symbol known as the Giant Swing. Originally built during the reign of King Rama I, this iconic structure stands at 21.15 meters tall, consisting of two red pillars and a white, lotus-flower-shaped pedestal. The Giant Swing was originally constructed as part of the Swing Ceremony, a Hindu tradition, and has since become a historically significant tourist attraction in Bangkok.

The current iteration of the Giant Swing, rebuilt in 2007, features golden teak tree trunks and intricate carvings on the frame connecting the capitals. The surrounding area, including the Phra Nakorn district, still holds the charm of early Rattanakosin architecture.

This timeless symbol continues to captivate both Thai locals and foreign visitors, showcasing the rich history and cultural heritage of Bangkok.

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